Photometric Analysis Performance Advantages in Upstream Cell Culture Operations

Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins development and production operations require reliable and accurate biochemistry analyzers to characterize the cell culture process and maximize results through photometric analysis. Traditional membrane based (electrochemical) analyzers still in use in many labs present multiple problems including measurement drift and the need of high frequency maintenance. An advanced, more accurate technology based […]

DO & pH Probe Calibration for Optimized Measurement Results in Biopharma

pH and Dissolved Oxygen are critical parameters in bio fermentation and cell culture applications. The proper selection of probes in construction, quality and design is essential. However, to maximize the accuracy of results, it is equally important to utilize the right DO and pH probe calibration and maintenance techniques. pH Probe Calibration Techniques: Prior to […]

Metabolite analysis in cell culture – Photometric analyzer vs membrane-based systems

Optimization of Glutamine Measurement in Cell Culture Operations Current “membrane based” instrumentation utilized at a large cell culture manufacturing site has presented recurrent problems including non-repeatable, inaccurate metabolite analysis, especially of Glutamine. These membrane / electrochemical technologies have shown inherent flaws in measurement stability and excessive maintenance at multiple sites. Newer optical-based metabolite analyzers were evaluated to […]