Small Peristaltic Pump – ST-Handypump


Small peristaltic pump and pump heads for wide array of applications

RPM Pump Housing Pump Head Tube Sizes Flow Range (mL/min)
0.1-300 rpm   
Seamless 304 SS   
HandyPump (Single Channel) #13, #14, #19, #16, #25 0.0033-365.69
HandyPump Y (Dual Channel) #13, #14, #19, #16 0.0033-190.76

  • Choice of Single or Dual Channel Pump Heads with 4X SS roller heads
  • Seamless 304 SS housing
  • Compact square shape makes pumps stackable (5.1” W X 5.0” H X 6.1” L)
  • AC Power Supply (50 Hz/60 Hz)
  • External communication: Digital RS232/RS485, Modbus RTU, or Analog (0-5V, 4-20 mA, 0-10V).
  • IP31 rating

The ProA Pumps ST-HandyPump is a small peristaltic pump suitable for PD and GMP operations. Closed-loop stepper motor for greater control and accuracy. Seamless 304 Stainless Steel housing and remote Analog, Digital RS232/RS485 (USB), Modbus RTU control communication. Single or Dual Channel pump head options are available. Speed range is from 0.1 to 350 rpm (resolution 0.1 rpm increments). Mechanical keypad to control: Start/Stop and reverse flow direction. Bright 4 position OLED display to show pump rpm and flow direction. Rotary knob to control speed.

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