Single-Use Assemblies

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Introducing ProAnalytics Custom Single-Use Assemblies

ProAnalytics is your custom Single-Use solutions provider. Create, optimize, and execute your designs – from Benchtop to GMP – with insight from our Engineering Team. Integrate your assemblies with other ProAnalytics online PAT systems. Get in touch with us today for a custom design.

Components available include: Bottles, centrifuge tubes, gaskets, and more!

  • FROM CONCEPT TO CAD: Detailed drawings and BOM.  What you can dream, we can build!
  • BIOPROCESS EXPERTS: Let us use our SU knowledge and expertise to help you build effect designs for Chemical Compatibility, Pressure, and E&L/BPOG Requirements.
  • CLOSED SYSTEMS: Pre-sterile Gamma Irradiated OR Autoclavable Tubing kits, Multi-bottle Manifolds, Disposable Fluid Paths, and Filtration Assemblies.
  • VALIDATION: All single-use tubing assemblies are manufactured and packaged in Class 7, ISO 9001 cleanrooms.
  • TRACEABILITY: Easily identify each component on your single-use assembly with Part Numbers and Bar Codes on every label.
  • STANDING ORDERS: Ensure security of supply, reduce the costs and storage of your single-use assemblies with timely monthly shipments.
  • WIDE ARRAY OF COMPONENTS: Extensive variety of parts and materials options.

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