Biomass Probes

ABER INSTRUMENTS is a global supplier of Online Cell Density Monitoring systems used in the Bioprocess, Biofuels, Bio renewables and Brewing industries. The FUTURA line of ABER biomass probes are compact and light weight systems that can be installed in a wide range of vessel sizes by means of a 12 mm PG13.5 connection for bench bioreactors up to different process adapters for large SS Process tanks. A variety of connect hubs are available to interface the signal with bioreactor controllers via digital communications or other external controllers. This technology provides a user friendly and accurate method to monitor culture growth and control nutrient addition to maximize productivity.

Aber’s biomass capacitance probes provide direct online viable cell density measurement in cell culture and microbial processes

Used in both PD and GMP settings, Aber’s biomass capacitance technology offers real-time accurate measurement of biomass concentration providing significant benefits on cost reduction and process optimization. Main advantages include:

  • Fast plug and play deployment
  • Simple operation
  • Automated process control and substrate feeding
  • Harvest point detection
  • Time of infection for viral production

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