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Dissolved CO2 Measurement In Bioprocess from R&D to Production

dissolved co2 measurement in bioprocess from R&D to production

Dissolved CO2 in Bioprocess CO2 has many important roles in growth and maintenance of cell and bacteria cultures. CO2 acts as an additive product which affects a wide range of metabolic and critical process parameters. It is important to track dCO2 in your cultures for: Intracellular/Extracellular pH changes Glycosylation and Molecule Stability Lactate production Monitor […]

Achieving Superior Raman Measurements: Understanding and Avoiding Detector Saturation

One of the primary technological advantages of Tornado Raman analyzers over conventional Raman devices is the significantly higher optical efficiency delivered by our HTVS™ platform (described in this prior blog post). With 10x to 30x more photons per second, Tornado systems provide superior spectral data for better precision and sensitivity for PAT measurements, as we […]

Optimized Perfusion by Capacitance Process Measurement & Control

Recent studies on biotherapeutic protein production have shown perfusion processes as a superior technology vs. the traditional batch and fed batch approaches. Due to its associated process stability and reducing effect of varying conditions inside the bioreactor, Perfusion can deliver lower production costs and higher titer, especially in the case of low titer or fragile […]