Rocking Single-Use Bioreactor (4L or 2 x 2L Bags)

The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery platform is a highly versatile toolset that allows a variety of formats for your multiple research programs. The system can be furnished as a simple stand-alone rocker with no controls or as a complete rocking bioreactor system which is configured and driven by CELLtainer’s DACq external software. Each system can provide individual pH and dissolved oxygen controls for two bags; with both bags subject to highly accurate temperature control. Additionally, up to three gases may be used with the included high-precision mass flow controller.

The rocking single-use bioreactor system accepts any combination of two individual bags (of 1L or 2L each) or, alternatively, a single 4L bag. The CELL-tainer® 2L Discovery device is ideal for laboratory work or the scale up of small volume applications.

About CELL-tainer

CELL-tainer develops and manufactures an innovative bioreactor platform that includes a unique patented 2-dimensional motion that provides low shear, superior mixing, and high mass transfer, becoming an ideal tool set for a wide array of process development and scale-up operations. Whether working on microbial organisms, adherent cells, or breaking new ground with plant or mammalian cells, fungi, or microalgae, CELL-tainer will meet your research or development requirements.


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