Airlift Bioreactor

Specially Designed

The Electrolab FerMac Airlift bioreactor is used for fragile cell lines, where the use of an impeller for mixing would likely cause damage to the cells.

Unlike traditional bubble columns, which are effectively just a tube with a gas inlet at the bottom, the Electrolab Airlift incorporates a vertical division within the bioreactor tube. Carefully designed geometry and a specially designed off-set sparger enables the cells and media to be gently and efficiently circulated around the bioreactor.

Air (or other gases) is introduced at the base of the bioreactor. The stream of bubbles then causes the density of the media on one side of the division to decrease. Oxygen is dissolved into the media, sustaining the cells.

The gas flow causes the media to rise to the point where some of the bubbles burst into the headspace; the media then circulates down the other side of the division to the base, where the process repeats itself on a continual basis.

The Airlift Bioreactor is Truly Vertical

The base, machined from a solid billet of 316L stainless steel, provides stability, and leveling feet are provided to ensure it always stands truly vertical. The Airlift bioreactors are available in the standard working volumes of 5, 7 and 10 litres. Other sizes can be built on request.

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