Shake Flask Bioreactor Systems (Single-Use)

ShakeReactor System

atSpiro developed a fast and flexible MULTIPARALLEL shake flask bioreactor system for fermentations and cultures that is compatible with your existing shaking incubators.

Turn flasks into bioreactors

  • Achieve increased titer and viability through continuous feeding and process control
  • Automate your processes with real time monitoring and programmable pumps

Especially applicable for strain selection, process optimization, cell expansion, and small-scale production, the atSpiro System consists of a reusable pack that holds the electronics, wireless transmitter, three programmable pumps and a rechargeable battery that can be hot swapped. A single use, pre-sterilized and factory-calibrated sensor module assembly is inserted into the pack each run that includes three liquid addition bottles for feeding, pH control, etc. and online measurement of pH, DO, temperature and humidity.

Single-use components are delivered precalibrated, presterilized and double packed, ready for installation.

The single-use sensor module assembly ensures a simple and reliable process with a low risk of contamination.

Included are:

  • pH sensor, dO sensor, temperature and humidity sensor
  • 2 x single-use sampling lines with luer lock fittings
  • Sterile barrier filter for gas exchange
  • 3 x liquid containers

Setup is fast and easy and takes less than 10 minutes.

  1. Insert sensor module in cell culture flask
  2. Secure and cap the system
  3. Add your liquids (pH control, feeds, etc.) to the liquid containers and mount them on the system
  4. Insert the rechargeable battery and turn on the system
  5. Start your preprogrammed run remotely using the control software

Key Benefits in Automated CHO IgG Production

IgG Production Without ShakeReactor

Routine production of IgG in shake flasks with manual dispensation of glucose, HyClone 7A & 7B. Requires extensive manual handling and weekend work.

IgG Production With ShakeReactor Automation

Automatic continuous dispensation of HyClone 7A & 7B. Remote triggered dispensation of glucose.


  1. Reduced manual handling
  2. Reduced evening & weekend work
  3. 25% higher titers
  4. 40% higher VCD
  5. 48h delay of death phase

Set up a bioreactor in < 10 mins.

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