Metabolite Analyzer / Cell Culture Analyzer

RX imola Cell Culture / Fermentation Automated Photometric Metabolite Analyzer (Biochemistry)

RANDOX Laboratories is a global market leader in the diagnostics and bioanalytical laboratory field. Its technology has wide applicability in bioprocess research, development, and GMP manufacturing. The RX Series line of Photometric Analyzers operate fully automatically. The user only needs to load his samples allowing the metabolite analyzer to do the rest. This fully proven analytical technology provides the best accuracy and eliminates the frequent downtime experienced on other analytical methods. Two different models, including the RX imola, are available for either 180 or 400 results per hour. Most extensive assays portfolio available for bioprocessing applications!

Ability to integrate with auto-samplers.

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RX SERIES Randox LT547 Bioprocessing Brochure (PDF)

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