Mini P-SUB System

The CellMembra 500 Perfusion system integrates a customized SUB bioreactor with up to four sensors and a one way SU pump with a HFF (Hollow Fiber Filter). All components are pre-assembled and gamma radiated, delivered in double bag eliminating the need for autoclaving.

Working volumes range from 100 to 400 ml. The bioreactor agitation can be easily driven by PerfuseCell’s servomotor. Temperature control by either electric heating or thermal fluid circulation. The SS heating support base ensures excellent thermal efficiency.

Perfusion SUBs Building Blocks

PerfuseCell Perfusion SU Bioreactors are fully customizable designed for your application. With our expert assistance, end users can configure the system choosing the following options:

  • Working volume, impeller and aerator type, tubing kits sizes and material (consult with PROAnalytics for expertise on single use tubing assemblies!)
  • Choose our computer controlled CLIO SU pump with HFF and/or the Thalia SU Liquid Broth Exchanger
  • Single-use sensors represented/distributed by PROAnalytics including Mettler-Toledo pH/DO, PICO capacitance, BugLab OD, and more
  • Select your preferred size HFF (Hollow Fiber Filter) to be match with the SU Bioreactor
  • Drive units and software for accurate control and data acquisition

perfusion single-use bioreactor building blocks PerfuseCell

The CLIO O-SUP is a single-use pump housed inside a polycarbonate housing which includes a set of liquid conveying valves.

This special design allows precise measurement of volume and velocity by means of red tri-angular laser sensors combined with pressure sensors.

A 1mm thin membrane separates the broth from the gas under pressure providing the driving force. CLIO can be programmed to reliably pump in a 1:1000 range with a high degree of accuracy.

clio one way single-use pumpclio one way single-use pump diagram

PerfuseCell SU Bioreactors are supplied in their standard version with pH, DO and level sensors mounted in the head plate. Biomass sensors are also available as options including ABER PICO and/or BugLab MiniBE (non-intrusive), Transonic non-invasive flow sensors, and more.


single-use sensors PerfuseCellABER Futura PicoBugLab MiniBEMettler Toledo pH / ORP Sensors InPro

Cross Flow Tangential Filtration is an efficient way for separation of biomolecules such as cells, viruses, and bacteria. Broth feed is flown inside the multiple hollow fibers where the biomolecules are separated and the solution kept as retentate is recirculated to the process in the Single Use Bioreactor. A minimal portion of the liquid passes the membrane as permeate containing the biomolecules. The rapid flow through the membrane prevents build up ensuring an efficient filtration process.

PerfuseCell’s CellMembra SU perfusion systems are all driven by the CLOTHO drive together with the CLOTHO Software. The Ultra-Compact CLOTHO-2 Drive is used to control the CLIO one way single-use pump or the Thalia Alternating SU liquid exchanger. Stainless Steel cabinets are small and stackable.

PerfuseCell is an innovative company dedicated to developing and fabricating standard and customizable single-use bioreactor systems for semi-continuous biomanufacturing use.

Their solutions portfolio comprises a wide range of single-use products and components including rigid plastic bioreactors, pumps, broth exchangers, HFF Hollow Fiber Filters and sensors. All components are driven by their unique ultra-compact drive units, complemented by a variety of drive gas accessories, thermal conditioning units, and their optional web server software.


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