Single-Use Rocking Bioreactor (50L-180L Capacity)

The CELL-tainer® CustomPRO (CT200) is a customized single-use rocking bioreactor developed to optimally support bioprocessing operations focused on production facilities with volume requirements between 50L and 180L. Due to its unique motion and superior mass transfer properties, this system is especially suited to support both mammalian cell culture and microbial fermentation. In comparison to most conventional bioreactor systems, the CustomPRO offers big advantages including:

  • Optimal mass transfer and mixing performance even under low shear mixing
  • Scalable Process Conditions at par with stirred bioreactors but with significant reduced cost benefits
  • Wide working volume range
  • Incubator Chamber for most accurate temperature control without risk of overheating
  • Integrated thermo-circulator
  • Flexible design for multi-purpose applications (mammalian cell culture as well as microbial fermentation)
  • Fully disposable and gamma-stable sensors with low drift and one-point calibration
  • Very flexible bag design

As the systems are designed for full GMP operations, CELL-tainer fully supports the entire implementation project until final start up, including factory acceptance tests and IQ OQ documentation and execution assistance.

About CELL-tainer

CELL-tainer develops and manufactures an innovative bioreactor platform that includes a unique patented 2-dimensional motion that provides low shear, superior mixing, and high mass transfer, becoming an ideal tool set for a wide array of process development and scale-up operations. Whether working on microbial organisms, adherent cells, or breaking new ground with plant or mammalian cells, fungi, or microalgae, CELL-tainer will meet your research or development requirements.


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