Rocker Single-Use Bioreactor (150ml-17L Adjustable Volume)

The CELL-tainer® Utility (CT20) is the level 2 platform which provides a highly flexible system to operate with volumes in the range from 150ml up to 17L. Ideal for a variety of process development and scale-up operations, the CT20 rocker single-use bioreactor platform accommodates a wide range of volume capacities by means of its unique expansion channel. This model includes all the control capabilities listed on the Discovery model with the added advantage of a convenient touch screen HMI for configuration and data display. The Utility platform is also commonly used for seeding large-scale cultures. This is particularly true for microbial and fungal applications. Furnished on a rugged stainless steel movable frame on casters with breaks, and housed on a protective steel enclosure, the CT20 systems are stackable, offering an additional space-saving feature.

About CELL-tainer

CELL-tainer develops and manufactures an innovative bioreactor platform that includes a unique patented 2-dimensional motion that provides low shear, superior mixing, and high mass transfer, becoming an ideal tool set for a wide array of process development and scale-up operations. Whether working on microbial organisms, adherent cells, or breaking new ground with plant or mammalian cells, fungi, or microalgae, CELL-tainer will meet your research or development requirements.


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