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Optimizing Lab Analyzer Communications: Analog Protocols Preserve Critical Quality Attributes to Data Loggers and Bioreactors

analog protocols preserve critical quality attributes to data loggers

Introduction In the bioprocessing industry, bioreactor controllers are often used to tightly control many parameters within a bioreactor process run. The measurements that are controlled are called Critical Quality Attributes (CQAs) and include real-time pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), CO2, temperature, biomass and metabolites. Digital vs Analog Communication Protocols in Biotech Analyzers often have many different […]

DO & pH Probe Calibration for Optimized Measurement Results in Biopharma

pH and Dissolved Oxygen are critical parameters in bio fermentation and cell culture applications. The proper selection of probes in construction, quality and design is essential. However, to maximize the accuracy of results, it is equally important to utilize the right DO and pH probe calibration and maintenance techniques. pH Probe Calibration Techniques: Prior to […]