Sanitary Clamps

Replace your traditional Tri-clamp Fittings with Pure-Lock Sanitary Clamps and connect with a click!

Pure-Lock Nylon Sanitary Clamps are designed for fast attachments and quick releases on Single-Use and Stainless Steel Systems. Pure-Lock Sanitary Clamps take the guesswork of securing sanitary or tri-clamp fittings – just connect with a click! Pure-Lock has a unique over-center locking cam arm with pre-set gasket compression. No more concerns of overtightening connections!

  • High Strength, USP Class VI Glass-Filled Nylon Sanitary Clamps, built to ASME-BPE standards
  • Designed for Single-Use and/or Stainless-Steel Sanitary Flange connections
  • 150 psig (10 Bar) operating pressure
  • Can be sterilized by gamma irradiation or autoclave
  • Low-Profile! No Thumb Screw allowing for tight connections!
  • No protruding parts or sharp edges – Excellent for Single-Use Assemblies & Packaging
  • Tamper-proof design secured with colored locking pin or zip-tie
  • Double-bagged in packs of 10
Materials of Construction USP Class VI Glass Reinforced Nylon, TSE/Animal-free
Gamma Irradiation Up to 50.5 Kilograys
Autoclave Up to 135° C
Operating Pressure 150 PSI/10 Bar
Sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”, and 1 ½” Sanitary Clamps

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