Non-invasive Multiplexed Biomass Monitor System

Aber‘s OPTURA SPY biomass monitor attaches to a wide range of transparent surfaces to achieve contact-free real-time readings.

OPTURA SPY brings Aber’s contact-free readings to a format fit for most transparent surfaces. Stick on your SPY adapter and start monitoring cells. The OPTURA SPY can be utilized in all areas – from mounted on benchtop reactors to fixed to tubing in recirculation loops or downstream processing – the SPY is truly adaptable and transferable.

Bubble Filter Technology
OPTURA bio-reflectance technology utilities a unique, patented bubble filter algorithm. The bubble filter allows the technology to remove reflectance signals generated by bubbles in a reactor which can falsely be recorded as biomass leading to inaccurate readings as seen in traditional optical measurements. This bubble filter allows the OPTURA technology to provide consistent biomass readings across a range of gaseous flow rates.

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