Biomass Sensor (Fiber Optic)

Dec. 2022 Update: The BugLab proBE 3000 has been replaced by the Aber OPTURA SCOPE. More details will be available about the SCOPE in the coming months.

Aber is an industry leader in the field of OD measurement instruments and Optical Biomass Sensor Systems.

Old Information about BugLab proBE 3000:
The proBE 3000 immersive biomass sensor measures back-scattering reflectance at a wavelength of 1310 nm, where optical penetration into the medium is < 3 cm and the optically sampled volume is ~200 ul. This measurement volume is small enough so that measurements can be made in small benchtop vessels while at the same time maintaining a very wide linear range of sensitivity to biomass.

The sensor uses a patented bubble compensation algorithm effective over four orders of magnitude biomass range resulting in accurate biomass reporting across widely varying process conditions.

Highly linear inline multi-vessel biomass/OD monitoring from < 0.01 to > 200 g/L dry cell weight.

Optical penetration of less than 3 cm allows utilization in wide range of vessel sizes. Top plate or large vessel side port installation.

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