Single-Use Glucose and Lactate Sensor System

C-CIT‘s innovative Single-Use Glucose and Lactate sensor system adapts to a wide array of vessel configurations.

These sensors are offered with flexible communications options to match specific process requirements. Applicable to fed-batch or continuous mammalian processes, this technology is widely utilized in vaccine production, protein-based drugs, stem cell development, regenerative medicine, Gene and Cell Therapy, Cultured Meat, and a variety of medical devices.


  • Standard Ranges: 0-7 gr/Lt Glucose,  0-2 gr/Lt Lactate
  • Ability to monitor up to 12 vessels on C-CIT Software
  • Rugged tablet computer for data monitoring and control
  • Reduces contamination risk/eliminates manual sampling
  • Each sensor delivered double bagged gamma-irradiated ready for sterile installation

  • Cap Sensors for T-Flasks, Shake Flasks, Spinner Flasks, Roller Bottles, G-Rex, and Cell Stacks
  • Process Probe PG13.5 (120 & 225 mm long, other lengths on request)
  • Flow cell (Preassembled with Luer Lock connectors or weldable tubing)
  • Flow cell with Micropump (ideal for Wave Bag applications)

  • Analog 4-20 mA or 0-10 V
  • Direct digital pump integration for glucose control
  • Bluetooth to dedicated C-CIT Monitoring & Control software
  • OPC connectivity and other custom digital communications available upon request

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