Bioprocess Controller (Upstream & Downstream)

ProA PLC Upstream & Downstream Bioprocess Controller

Universal Multi-Sensor Transmitter Controller

ProA PLC is a highly flexible instrument capable of receiving a wide variety of digital or analog signals, displaying and re-transmitting the data over a single connection, and also providing standard bioprocess control functions for common Upstream and Downstream applications.

This unit is supplied in either a benchtop, wall mount or skid mount IP66 enclosure and features a user-friendly multicolor touchscreen display providing On-Screen Process Information, Trending, Data Historian and Data Review Tools. Due to its open architecture, this platform is easily customizable to varying process conditions allowing integration of diverse sensors and establishing local control actions.

Product Details

  • Sensor Transmitter: 8 Analog/Digital sensor inputs including any combination of Flow, Pressure, pH, Conductivity, UV, and Turbidity (expandable to higher number of inputs and different type of sensors – i.e. Process Scales, etc.)
  • Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, OPC, and Analog Connectivity
  • Standard PID Control for pump control based on Pressure/Flow thresholds
  • Remote Browser or integral 7” or 10” HMI (IP66)
  • Standard On-Screen Process Information, Trending, Historian and Data Review Tools
    proa plc standard on-screen process information

  • Local Display of Process Conditions
    Monitor processes in real-time where you need it
  • Multi-Sensor Transmitter
    Convert eight or more different sensor types into a single OPC or Modbus connection
  • Mixing Applications
    Buffer or media preparations
  • Perfusion Control
    Control or monitor cell population by UV or ODy, control feeding, bleeding, and permeate
  • Continuous Centrifugation
    Control or monitor cell concentration to stop overfilling / clogging of bowl
  • Depth Filtration
    Control peristaltic/diaphragm pumps
  • TFF/NFF Applications
    Flat-sheet cassettes, hollow fibers, or capsule filters
  • Integrity Testing
    In-process testing for single-use assemblies or filters
  • Chromatography
    pH, conductivity, back pressure, and flow control
  • Buffer Exchange
    Controlled by pH, conductivity, flow, and pressure
  • Fill and Finish
    Volumetric dosing based on total flow or pressure thresholds

The ProA PLC base system is designed to integrate eight standard sensor inputs. Number of sensor inputs can be expanded adding extra analog/digital input cards.

Most commonly connected sensors include:

UV/NIRCell Density
PressureNon-Invasive Flow
Load CellsPrecision Balances

ProA PLC sensors group

The ProA PLC bioprocess controller provides accurate pump control for precise fluid transfer, process conditioning, fill and finish, and other fluid transfer applications. Use your own pump or use a ProA Pump. ProA Pumps are supplied in all sizes, flow rates, and configurations.

ProA PLC flow diagram

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