Single Use pH Sensor & DO Sensors

Single Use pH Sensor InSUS 310

  • Long Shelf Life Single Use pH Sensor
    The InSUS 310 single use pH sensor is designed for integration into single use bags. Its shelf life of 30 months enables enhanced bag inventory control at bag manufacturer and end-user sites, compared to sensors with a shorter shelf life.
  • Robust Sensor Design
    The glass electrodes of the sensor are shielded against damage during transport and bag preparation by round-edged protective guards.
  • Highest Bag Integrity
    To maintain bag purity, a protective coating on the reference electrode prevents release of electrolyte into the bag during storage and transport.
  • One Sensor for Many Applications
    With its wide measurement range and high signal stability, this sensor can be deployed in standard and intensified bioprocesses such as cell culture, fermentation and mixing.

single use optical DO sensor insus 607

  • Optical Dissolved O₂ Single Use Sensor
    The InSUS 607 single-use DO sensor is designed for integration into single-use bags. This single-use DO sensor uses optical technology to provide fast, accurate dissolved oxygen measurement.
  • Reliable Measurements
    This single-use DO sensor uses optical spot (fluorescence quenching) technology to give a consistent, reliable measurement.
  • Stable Performance
    This single-use DO sensor provides stable performance for long cell culturing runs, ensuring that your sensor will last through the full batch.
  • Reduced Start-Up Time
    The short pre-conditioning phase of optical dissolved oxygen sensors like the InSUS 607 single-use DO sensor ensures quick start-up time.

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