Digital pH Sensor (Food-Safe)

Unbreakable pH Sensors for Hygienic Applications. Food-Safe, CIP Resistant, In-Line pH.

The METTLER TOLEDO InPro X1 HLS is a food-safe, in-line, digital pH sensor that withstands clean-in-place processes. Its unbreakable X-Chip technology eliminates the risk of glass contamination, and the pH sensor meets all major regulations for food contact applications. InPro X1 HLS offers fast response times and very low offset and slope degradation. It tolerates CIP without sacrificing accuracy or sensor lifetime. ISM technology in the sensor predicts when maintenance and replacement should be performed.

  • Eliminates Risk of Glass Contamination
    The unbreakable X-Chip pH-sensing technology enables in-line pH measurement without the risk of contamination by glass fragments.
  • Improves Product Yield and Quality
    Real process control through precise in-line pH measurement leads to improved product quality, yield, and shorter batch times.
  • Resists Clean-in-Place Processes
    The InPro X1 HLS is the first food-safe, in-line digital pH sensor that can withstand cleaning without sacrificing accuracy or sensor lifetime.
pH Sensing Technology Composite X-Chip
pH Range 0–14
Operating Temperature
(for cleaning)
0–80°C (100°C)/32–176°F (212°F)
Operating Pressure 0–4 barg (0–58 psig)
Process Connection Pg 13.5 thread

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