Chromatography Resins

SepraFlo Chromatography Resins

SepraFlo® Ion Exchange Resins are designed to have 50% higher flow rates than fast flow Sepharose based resins. These cation and anion exchangers are constructed of a plastic copolymer of glycidyl methacrylate which makes them extremely rigid. These resins can withstand pressures greater than 500 psi without deforming or compressing.

SepraFlo® resins are macroporous with a nominal 50 uM bead size and a nominal pore size of up to 700 A. SepraFlo® resins have a high static and dynamic binding capacity. SepraFlo® S ion exchanger is a strong cation chromatography resin (Sulphopropyl). SepraFlo® Q ion exchanger is a strong anionic chromatography resin (Quaternary Amine). All SepraFlo Ion Exchange Resins can be cleaned with 1N Sodium Hydroxide (1N NaOH).

  • SepraFlo® S Ion Exchange Media
  • SepraFlo® Ion Exchange Media

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