Chromatography Columns

Change How You Think About Chromatography Columns

Sepragen SuperFlo® columns will change how you think about chromatography! These columns have been designed for higher flow rates, larger surface areas and smaller bed depths to maximize product purification. The large surface area and short bed height allow for faster flow rates with low pressure drops. Soft resins in axial compression columns have lower flow rates and longer processing times. The unique radial geometry of SuperFlo® columns typically have 5-10X higher flow rates when compared to traditional chromatography columns.

  • From Lab to GMP Scale
  • 5-10X Higher Flow Rate
  • Larger surface area, lower bed heights
  • Low working backpressure, linear scale-up
  • Available in Stainless Steel or Single-Use

To learn more about SuperFlo radial chromatography column technology, check out this video made by a European distributor:

how does radial flow chromatography work
The principles around radial flow chromatography are simple. Each column has two porous concentric cylinders that serve as the frits for column. Chromatography resin is packed in between these concentric cylinder frits. The bed height is the distance between these two frits. Sample is loaded from the top and evenly distributed across the height of the outer frit. Flow travels from the outside of the column towards the inside of the core.

SuperFlo® columns have greater surface area, higher flow rates, operate at low pressures, and have larger dirt tolerances than axial columns. The ability to handle high volumes with extremely high flow rates can increase product purification up to 4X faster than traditional axial columns. Scale-up is linear with column volumes ranging from 500 mL (R&D) to 500 L (Production Scale). Whereas Axial columns are limited in width and bed height, radial flow columns are not limited by this factor. Radial columns also have a much smaller footprint compared to axial columns.


supraflow chromatography columns sizes
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radial superflo 350L chromatography columns
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wedge chromatography columns
Sepragen Wedge® chromatography columns allow for the linear scale-up from axial column chromatography to radial flow chromatography. The Wedge® Column is a scaled-down version of Sepragen’s Radial Flow Columns. They are available in plastic as the Acrylic Wedge® or available in Stainless Steel as the Stainless Steel Wedge®.

The Wedge® can be packed with any vendor’s chromatography media. Axial columns are limited in processing time due to backflow pressures with softer, high-capacity resins. SuperFlo® columns have a larger surface area, a lower working pressure, and far higher flow rates through these softer resins in comparison. Wedge® columns are available in sizes from 5 mL to 1L with a 10 cm bed height.

chromatography columns wedge hires
Wedge® HiRes Columns allow for the linear scale-up from traditional axial columns to radial flow chromatography. Wedge® HiRes columns take advantage of the structure of soft resins and their high-capacity binding to achieve faster flow rates than traditional column chromatography without compromising separation. Axial columns are limited in their flow rates in soft resins due to high back pressure and higher bed heights. Wedge columns are not limited by these issues due to the large surface area and low bed heights. Wedge® HiRes Columns have a bed height of 15 cm.

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