Bioprocess Modeling Solutions

DataHowLab, from DataHow, is a unique digital bioprocess development solution created to support process development teams’ work more effectively and efficiently using a model-based methodology. Their bioprocess modeling solutions are built around innovative technologies such as hybrid models, transfer learning, and digital twins, leveraging them to the needs and goals of process development teams within a structured user-friendly environment.

DataHow Lab Introduction

As leaders in model-based bioprocess development and hybrid modeling, DataHow has analyzed hundreds of process data sets with many of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. This expertise is made available within their turnkey solution, DataHowLab. With this single solution, process development teams can now truly understand their process data and have all the necessary tools to develop, optimize, and characterize their process across all phases of development faster and with less experimental effort.


datahow biorprocess modeling in 3 dimensions

DataHow is a forward-looking organization that develops unique bioprocess modeling solutions using Hybrid Modeling, combining mechanistic and machine learning models (AI). By incorporating process knowledge, hybrid models require less data, reducing experimentation and cost. This approach retains predictability from mechanistic models and flexibility from machine learning, adapting to various process configurations.

Field of Expertise

  • Mammalian Cell Culture
  • Microbial Cell Culture
  • Virus Production
  • mRNA Processes
  • Small Molecules Processes


  • Significant reduction in the number of experiments
  • Acceleration of Process Development
  • Adaptable and versatile models applicable to diverse scenarios
  • Impressive cost reduction
  • Optimal Process Design / Model-Based Process Control

transfer learning - hybrid modeling in process industries from datahow

qualification onboarding data analysis, the datahow transfer learning process

With DataHow, we empower bioprocess development teams by providing them with the means to enhance their understanding and implement optimization models across a wide range of cell lines. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and mechanisms that leverage Transfer Learning, enabling the valuable knowledge and insights gained from one process to be effectively transferred and applied to another. This approach ultimately leads to improved efficiency and performance in bioprocessing operations.

DataHow’s cloud-based infrastructure and web-based software foster a collaborative learning culture, breaking down work silos within organizations. This approach enables colleagues to work jointly on projects, share insights and visualizations, and achieve collective success, driving continuous improvement.

Working With DataHow Lab

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