Bio-reflectance Sensors

OPTURA SPY Bio-reflectance Sensors

At the speed of light

The ABER OPTURA SPY uses patented bio-reflectance technology to bring live biomass readings in real-time. The OPTURA SPY adheres to glass reactors, SU Bags, Assemblies, and SU vessels (Ambr®15 & 250, BioBLU®, Shake Flasks, etc.). The bio-reflectance sensor emits a single wavelength of NIR light into the medium. The light is then reflected by the cells and returns to the detector. The detected light intensity is directly proportional to total live cell density.


OPTURA bio-reflectance technology uses a patented bubble algorithm. This bubble filter allows the OPTURA technology to provide consistent live biomass readings across a range of gas flow rates.

  • Non-contact sensor, stick on: Flasks, Benchtop Reactors, Bags, Tubing Assemblies – any clear wall
  • Real-time Accurate Process Data
  • Biomass range of over 4 orders of magnitude in Cell Concentration
  • Automated Bubble Algorithm
  • Easy to use analysis Software
  • Monitor or Automate Feed Strategies
  • Time Viral Infections effectively
  • Control Perfusion Populations
  • NO more wasted sample volumes!

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