In-Situ Oxygen Probe

O2 Analyzers for Inerting Control

Mettler-Toledo Ingold is the leading supplier of oxygen sensors/analyzers for Inerting monitoring and control applications. This unique technology and design eliminates the need for cumbersome process extraction or sample conditioning. Small footprint probe sensors are directly inserted in the process tank or pipe, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution. Flexible installation adaptors and a variety of construction materials make these probes compatible with the wide majority of process requirements. Two different styles of oxygen probe are available – Optical (METTLER TOLEDO InPro 6860i) or Amperometric – to be selected according to application. All probes include The Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) sensor technology providing a true plug-and-measure digital transmitter interface with extensive sensor diagnostics and life-cycle monitoring. Several general purpose or XP Transmitters are available to configure a complete System.

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