Centrifuge Tubes and Cap Assemblies

Cap2V8 One-Piece Molded Tube and Cap Assemblies

SaniSure manufactures innovative bottles and centrifuge sampling devices. Their Cap2V8 (pronounced “captivate”) ONE PIECE MOLDED TUBE and CAP Systems are supplied with sterile media bottles and centrifuge tubes as an integral pre-sterilized assembly in sizes ranging from 15 ml up to 2000 ml. Their standard product deliveries and custom design capabilities are unique.

All containers use the CAP2V8, which is a cost-effective aseptic transfer and sampling device molded in one piece meeting USP Class VI requirements. The cap design reduces contamination and product loss and can be further customized to particular application requirements.

CAP2V8 are manufactured on C-Flex combined with Nalgene PETG media bottles.

Media bottles include an 18 inch feed line with pinch clamp, dip tube, and 4 inch vent line with hydrophobic filter. Cellon PC Bottles also available.

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