Conductivity Sensor

METTLER TOLEDO is the leading supplier of resistivity / conductivity sensor and measurement solutions to the pharma and process industries. Both Thornton and Ingold offer cutting-edge conductivity technology, with a wide selection of sensitivity ranges, material of construction, and CIP/SIP compatibility. A Thornton conductivity sensor is the industry standard for determining water purity and solution concentration. We can help you choose the best package for your application, whether for ultra-pure USP requirements or higher conductivity measurements.

The Intelligent Sensor Management (ISM) “UniCond” sensor provides a true plug-and-measure digital transmitter interface with extensive sensor diagnostics and life-cycle monitoring. Interface the proper sensor to your vessel, pipe, or open channel with one of Ingold’s many stationary or retractable housings. Products are engineered to meet or exceed all FDA and GMP requirements. Complete your conductivity measurement with a suitable cable and transmitter.

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