Scalable Bioprocess Equipment for Lab, Pilot, and GMP Operations

Complete Single-Use and Multi-Use Equipment Selection


Laboratory Scale Solutions

Bioreactors, TFFs and Bioprocess Solutions for Laboratory

Lab Scale Bioprocess Systems


Pilot Scale Solutions

Bioreactors and TFFs Multi & Single-Use for Pilot Plant.

Pilot Scale Bioprocess System


GMP Scale Solutions

Bioreactors and TFFs Multi & Single-Use for production plant.


Supplementary Equipment

For TECNIC’s bioprocessing solutions.

Bioprocess System Accessories


TECNIC is a global manufacturer of high-quality, scalable bioprocess equipment for laboratory, pilot plant and GMP operations.

Their products/systems portfolio includes a comprehensive line of Bioreactors, TFF Systems, Mixing & Storage Equipment, and Buffer & Media Preparation skids in a wide range of sizes. This company focuses on innovation, providing standard state-of-the-art proven systems or customized solutions tailored to end users’ specific requirements.

All products are available in reusable or single-use format. TECNIC’s supplies includes a large variety of single-use accessories designed for all their equipment including 2D and 3D bags, single-use bioreactor vessels and custom fluid path tubing/manifolds/filter kits. They also provide an extensive range of rigid plastic, borosilicate glass (jacketed and non-jacketed) and SS vessels and components.